The term “Sciur”, derives from the Milanese dialet word that means “Sir”.For those who wanted to visit “Barbieria Colla”, with brushes, bristles and vintage barber chairs. From here, the most distinguished names of the high Milanese bourgeoisie have passed.A pop by “Stivaleria Savoia” for tailored shoes and boots or a visit to other famous shoe shops in the city.A signed “Marinella” tie, a request for a custom made shirt or an elegant dress tailor made by the historic Milan signature. And what about the fragrance of “Acqua di Parma” and “Borsalino” or “Melegari” hand- made hats?

Each and every experience can be adapted and customized to the client needs. Our aim is to create “one of a kind” experiences and make them personal, for our clients to be able to live unforgettable moments.

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